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Our Panel

Bharat Gaurav Standard Control Council

The panel of Bharat Gaurav Standard Control Council consists of 7 professionals with decades of exemplary track records from diverse fields of professions including, legislature, bureaucracy, activism, social work and corporate leadership but is limited by these professional domains. The primary function of this body is to provide advisory and guidance to the executive leadership of the organisation.

Dr. Sandesh Yadav

He is a Member of the Ministry of Railways (Zonal Railway Users Consultative Committee), Government of India; Member of Ministry of Telecommunications (Telecom Advisory Committee), Govt. of India; Member of the Quality Council of India; Member of the Delhi Minority Commission's (Peace Committee), Government of Delhi; and Member of the Indian Council of Cultural Relations (FOF), Government of India. In all these fora, Dr. Sandesh Yadav is raising the voice of the common man.

Justice N. K. Jain

President- NCMEI, Govt. of india


Dr. Shiv Varan Shukla

Chairman- CPURC, Govt. of Chhattisgarh


Dr. P. K. Patasani

Former Member of Parliament


Padma Shri Kalpana Saroj



Ms. Payal S. Yadav

Member- DMC (PC), Govt. of Delhi


Sh. Jay Baghel

Social Activist