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What We Do

Bharat Gaurav Standard Control Council

Bharat Gaurav Standard Control Council aims to ensure the highest level of standards to be followed; for which it develops standards, helps other organisations and platforms to comply with these standards and then accredit them by granting the BG Mark for recognition and awards.


The BGSCC Recognition Mark is awarded to organisations who aspire to give recognitions and awards to others in their field of work, by organising events and award ceremonies. The mark shall disclose that your organisation is accredited to the BGSCC and shall comply with the standards and protocols laid down by the BGSCC for the event in order to guarantee the importance and reputation associated with the awarding intent.


To get the BG Recognition Mark organisations need to: -
● Fill out the application form (Link to the form).
● Submit the refundable fee.
● First assessment call with partnerships and communication teams.
● Review and assessment committee will review the application.
● Interview (in person or video call) with the granting committee.
● Awarding or rejection of application for BG mark.


BGSCC provides consultation services to organisations, helping them to build systems and processes which are up to the BGSCC standards. Depending upon the scope of work and the sector of intervention, the kind of services provided to the organisation could range from compliance review, standard advisory to building new standard compliant processes etc.