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About Us


Under the aegis of Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation and the able leadership of Dr. Sandesh Yadav, BGSCC was established in June 2020. We are an independent and autonomous body for research, development and accreditation of quality standards. The organisation primarily provides functional guidance to Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation in all aspects of operations through guidelines, standards and protocols alongside that it assists other recognition and awarding platforms to build their services at par to these standards.

Bharat Gaurav Standard Control Council works tirelessly towards its mission to control, standardise and transcend the awards and recognition platforms in India. It is a mammoth and a distinctive mission that BGSCC is working towards; to ensure agility and momentum, the organization has emerged with a unique organisation structure with an inter-sectionality of governance and executory functions. The committees are led by some of the most eminent personalities in India.


Award ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular across all industries, celebrating achievement in every field from business to fashion, technology to blogging. Holding an awards ceremony for your business or within your industry is a great way to acknowledge the people that matter. It is no wonder that more event companies are being asked to deliver exceptional awards ceremonies by their clients.

Award shows do not all have to be as lavish or as glamorous as the Grammys and the Oscars but they do have to deliver an unforgettable experience for attendees. This can pose a unique set of challenges, which means they must be approached differently from other corporate events. For starters, you need to ensure that the award show is memorable and engaging for all attendees whilst meeting the needs of the client and any sponsors.

Ultimately, there’s nothing worse than having a damp squib of an event when it is supposed to be a celebration. This standards and protocols guideline to organising an awards ceremony is designed to provide all the information you need to not just succeed but excel.


The first ‘BGSCC National Charter of Operation and Service Standardisation’ is the guiding Gita for the organisation. It lays down 5 strategic objectives for the organisation.

  •   To set guidelines, standards and protocols for the operation of Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation.
  •   To research, develop and formulate quality standards and other standard requirements for awarding and recognition platforms throughout the country.
  •   To support other organisations through consultation and advisory workshops in setting the standards for operations and delivery.
  •   To set, regulate and enforce accreditation standards for various bodies aiming to give recognition to others.
  •   To provide vigilance for standard compliance and conformity assessment.